14 hours left…

June 17, 2008

Well how about that. Where did the time go?

It is the eve of my last day in high school. How did this happen. It seems like everything was just a few days ago.

I walked into school only to see everything splattered with ketchup and tomato sauce. The seniors had tried to intimidate us freshman, declaring that they were kings of the school. In the meantime, we were left unintimidated. I continued to Theater 1, where I came to meet someone who eventually became one of my best friends. I didn’t know it at the time, but that class and classroom would have one of the biggest impacts on my life.

I never knew I could truly fall in love with something that wasn’t baseball or movies. My whole life up until that moment was Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers, movies movies movies. But high school added an element into my life. I fell in love with the CHS Theater program.  I had never guessed that that would have happened. But it did, and it changed my life. I would be a completely different person than I am today without it. 

But enough about that, I wrote an entire essay about that.

 I’m ready, but I’m not. I want to go to Oregon. I want to graduate. I’m excited for my next chapter. But I don’t want to leave. I want to stay. I want to continue my time at CHS, especially in Theater and Music. Talk about bittersweet. I want to do another show. I want more DTASC. Just one more ComedySportz game. But I can’t. And I have to move on.  

As I left that classroom that started everything for me on Monday, it finally hit me. My journey is complete. Although I want more, I have done all I could do. I have loved CHS, but it’s over now. Vonnegut said it best…


So It Goes… 


So I Haven’t Written In A While…

February 14, 2008

I haven’t checked in with you in about a month now. We are in the midst of Fiddler rehearsals. I think they are going ok. There is still an obvious amount that needs work, but thats what rehearsals are for. The Election is about 1/2 over and Obama is taking the lead (finally). LOST is just as confusing as ever, but it kicks to much ass!!!! The strike is finally over, and The Office is set to return April 10! I’m doubting myself again. Am I doing the right thing. Saturday and change my life, for better or worse. There’s no way of knowing how it will change my life until I am 80-something years old and looking at my grandchildren and saying “Back when I was 18, I did something that changed my life.” I continually say that I am not going to pursue theater in the “real world.” But I don’t even know anymore! I don’t want to STOP acting, because I enjoy it; but I also don’t really see it as my profession. That’s Katie’s thing. I’ve been really getting into editing recently, but if I were to be a professional editor, movie would NEVER be released because I would re-edit them constantly (I’M RE-EDITING RIGHT NOW…..FOR NO REASON WHAT-SO-EVER!!!!). It’s like a conversation I was having with Paige over the summer. I quoted Michael Cerveris in saying “I don’t see myself as an actor. I always said I was doing this ‘for right now.’ I always wanted to be a rock star, but I’m just kinda doing this in the mean time. And I happened to win a Tony and continue to get work, so I guess it’s working out…..for a temp job.” Am I just waiting to become something else as my “temp job” helps me get into USC? Or, am I an actor who doesn’t realize it right now, but is about to go through his “temp job” at Oregon? I’ll let you know no later than May 1…


January 7, 2008

I am sitting here holding a pack of cigarettes. I don’t smoke. I don’t intend to smoke. I don’t want to smoke. As I said to the man at the Shell station, “It’s my 18th birthday. It’s just for the novelty of it.” 

I just did some Lottery Scratchers. I won $4 and a free ticket. What are the odds of having the same magic number 2 times in a row?

I also am holding a Super Lotto Ticket. $33 Million at stake. 2 quick picks.
6. 7. 31. 42. 44. Mega 9
11. 22.32.39. 40 Mega 12
     It was a good birthday. Thanks to everyone.

In other news, Fiddler auditions were today. I feel good. Thats about all I can say. I feel good and we’ll see how things go.  

Golden Globes officially cancelled due to Writers Strike. Fucking producers.