Stressed but Content

May 11, 2010

There are times in your life that you sit down at the end of the day, exhale and say, I NEED SOME SLEEP! That has been almost every day of the past week. With the pledge process winding down, On The Rocks’ 10th anniversary show coming up, recording the OTR album, and school all going on at the same time, when I finally get to put my head down on my pillow at night, it is one of the best rewards I can get at the end of a day.

Yet, this isn’t a post about stress. Look at the title! Stressed but CONTENT, content being the key to the phrase. Even with all these things going on right now, I have found an event, moment, thing, whatever that has helped me be able to take a breath at any point in the day and say, “Finally! Something is going the way I had really hoped it would go!” You could browse the history of this blog and find plenty of posts which say, “I hope this happens this way,” and “I hope this happens that way.” Yet when it was least expected, one moment helped change everything for the better….and if I dare say, for the best! Great things can happen, and do happen. Now just to wait for all this stress to end (next week I will be a semi-free man!) so I can spend my free time how I wish. However, even with all the stress, this new found revelation gives me something to stop in the middle of my day, stop for a moment, take a breath, and for the rest of the day feel like relaxed and happy!

UNRELATED: 2 episodes of LOST left. Still trying to figure out what I’ll do when that show is out of my life. Need to find a new drama to watch. Flash Forward? Fringe? Something LOSTish. Suggestions?


The Official Blog of an Unofficial Reporter

December 30, 2009

This afternoon, my very first article was published for the Oregon Daily Emerald Click Me! I’m a link!. Being able to go to Disneyland, sit with the media, interview the players and Coach Kelly, and then write about it for the Emerald has been an amazing, educational, and exciting experience. I don’t know if this is the path I want to take with my Journalism degree (in process), but it was an experience I will never forget and has helped me to continue walk down the road of “what do you want to do after college.” Even if this is not what I choose to do with my life, this will help me in whatever field I do choose.

Everything is a learning experience, and this was no exception. I’m proud of myself and hope you enjoy the article…all 5 of you who read this…

ON A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NOTE: I have discovered why I really like the music on Space Mountain at Disneyland. Michael Giacchino (he does the music for all the JJ Abrams projects, like LOST, Cloverfield, Star Trek, and MI:III) composed it. Just a fun fact for you.

Gift Report

December 25, 2009

160GB iPod, Inglorious Basterds, Funny People, Fred Claus, Star Trek Blu-Ray, The Hangover, (500) Days of Summer, SASQUATCH: Based On A True Story (on VHS!), LOST Season 5, Modern Warfare 2, FIFA10 , among others…

Good Christmas.
If you couldn’t tell I’m trying to keep up with the blog more often recently.

So I Haven’t Written In A While…

February 14, 2008

I haven’t checked in with you in about a month now. We are in the midst of Fiddler rehearsals. I think they are going ok. There is still an obvious amount that needs work, but thats what rehearsals are for. The Election is about 1/2 over and Obama is taking the lead (finally). LOST is just as confusing as ever, but it kicks to much ass!!!! The strike is finally over, and The Office is set to return April 10! I’m doubting myself again. Am I doing the right thing. Saturday and change my life, for better or worse. There’s no way of knowing how it will change my life until I am 80-something years old and looking at my grandchildren and saying “Back when I was 18, I did something that changed my life.” I continually say that I am not going to pursue theater in the “real world.” But I don’t even know anymore! I don’t want to STOP acting, because I enjoy it; but I also don’t really see it as my profession. That’s Katie’s thing. I’ve been really getting into editing recently, but if I were to be a professional editor, movie would NEVER be released because I would re-edit them constantly (I’M RE-EDITING RIGHT NOW…..FOR NO REASON WHAT-SO-EVER!!!!). It’s like a conversation I was having with Paige over the summer. I quoted Michael Cerveris in saying “I don’t see myself as an actor. I always said I was doing this ‘for right now.’ I always wanted to be a rock star, but I’m just kinda doing this in the mean time. And I happened to win a Tony and continue to get work, so I guess it’s working out…..for a temp job.” Am I just waiting to become something else as my “temp job” helps me get into USC? Or, am I an actor who doesn’t realize it right now, but is about to go through his “temp job” at Oregon? I’ll let you know no later than May 1…