Virginia Is For Lovers. California On The Other Hand….

November 5, 2008


“Proposition 8: Gay marriage ban  Yes 52.0%  No 48.0%  Precincts reporting: ~95.0%” -LA Times
                                                             I See NO Difference

What annoys me is people don’t see this as discrimination. Would you ban an interracial couple to get married. How about two mentally disabled people? The only thing worse about 8 passing is Arkansas’ newest law passed last night; Same Sex Couples Are Not Allowed To Adopt. I hear this and I think of pictures of water fountains and diners, with a sign over the nice side saying “Whites Only” and a sign over the shitty fountain and the back door of the diner saying “Colored.” Just when you think America took two steps forward last night by extinguishing a racism which has existed for over 200 years, the country takes one big step back.
But there is hope…
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