I have had the privilege of having Professor Kelli Matthews for several classes in the Journalism school at the University of Oregon. I respect her opinions and work very much, and have gone to her for advice on multiple occasions. Her blog features a great Code of Ethics, which I have altered to fit the policies I intend to use on this blog.

1. My posts are my own, and do not represent the views and/or opinions of my family, friends, employers, or affiliated organizations.

2. I promise to tell the truth, even if it hurts.

3. I cannot promise that I will stay on one general topic. I like to ramble.

4. I will categorize all posts, so topics will be easy to navigate.

5. I will acknowledge mistake and errors, and do my best to fix them as quickly as possible (once pointed out to me).

6. I will point out when an error has been made, and what the edit was to fix it.

7. For non-school related posts, I cannot guarantee posts being free of spelling/grammatical errors. Most posts are written in late/early hours, and in one stream of consciousness.It happens. (Told you I would tell the truth!)

8. I will not delete comments on posts, unless they are spam or direct attacks on me or my family/friends.

9. I will post links to outside sources as often as possible, as to avoid academic dishonesty.

10. I will always try to be as entertaining, thought provoking, and informative as possible.

11. I will always double check the information I post to ensure Rule #1 stays true.

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