September Playlist: Summer’s Most Played

This month’s playlist includes the songs that I have listened to the most over the summer (according to iTunes “Plays” filter). The only qualification is that the song had to have been released from March – August 2013. There are some songs that are repeats from previous playlists.

  1. Holy Grail – Jay Z (ft Justin Timberlake)
  2. Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke (ft T.I. & Pharrell)
  3. Get Lucky – Daft Punk (ft Pharrell)
  4. Who Did That To You? – John Legend
  5. Tom Ford – Jay Z
  6. Jolene – The White Stripes
  7. Back To Black – Beyonce & Andre 3000
  8. Somewhere In America – Jay Z
  9. BBC – Jay Z (ft Nas, Pharrell, & Timbaland)
  10. Black Skinhead – Kanye West
  11. Walk – Foo Fighters
  12. Vehicle – Ides of March
  13. Bound 2 – Kanye West (ft Charlie Wilson)
  14. Hopeless Wanderer – Mumford & Sons (w/ The Best Music Video Of All Time)

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