RESPONSE: Obama Slow Jams The News

April 29, 2012

President Obama ‘Slow Jams The News’ With Jimmy Fallon

Last week, Jimmy Fallon took his “Late Night” show for NBC on the road to the University of North Carolina. Fallon began talking about a subject close to the college-aged target demographics heart (and pocket), student loans. The popular segment, “Slow Jam The News,” was introduced, and a surprise guest was introduced.

President Obama’s appearance  on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” last week can be taken and evaluated from many different directions, depending on your political affiliation. Party lines put aside and looking at this from a PR stand-point, I think this move was an incredibly smart one, and one that may be remembered for some time* (*-We’ll get to that later).
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RESPONSE: Olympic Genome Project

April 25, 2012

Olympic Genome Project

With the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London quickly approaching (less than 100 days away), companies are searching for ways to advertise, market, and (eventually) profit off of the upcoming games. Companies may strategically  place the well-known multi-colored Olympic rings on their product to show either official sponsorship (McDonald’s), or that their network is the only place you can watch the games (NBC-Universal). Other companies may spend the 4 year interval searching for the perfect way to reach audiences and maximize exposure. Samsung and Facebook have teamed up, and they think they have a gold medal idea.
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Here We Go…

April 25, 2012

Hello readers of my blog,

I am writing to you all to let you know about a few upcoming…let’s call them, adjustments, to this here blog. I will still be writing my own personal feelings, stories, antidotes, etc. HOWEVER, I am currently enrolled in a class (J452 Strategic PR Writing) in which will have me required to post here a bit more often, and a bit more focused (topic-wise). Again, don’t you fret. I will still be writing in my true rambling style and insomniac state at times as well. Just a bit more often in the focused, educated, and thought provoking style for class.

My main focus will be on Sports Marketing and PR, but I will also be responding to posts provided by my professor which are related to sports, politics, entertainment or technology.

Just letting you all know!

Happy New Year?

April 10, 2012

I just realized that I haven’t posted in the year 2012 yet. I’m going to write a good, long post real soon about stuff. Also, I’ll be writing more because I am in a journalism class which is forcing me to. I’m OK with that. I need to blog more anyway. So you’ll be hearing from me again shortly, but in the meantime, always remember to Water The Bamboo.