How To Create A Customer In 30 Seconds

May 23, 2013


You deserve a standing ovation.

Your sales are down and you are constantly losing business to stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and Fred Meyer. So how do you overcome? You made a brilliant television marketing campaign which has everyone on social media talking, and, in turn, regenerating interest and conversation about your store.

K-Mart and the advertising agency DRAFTFCB worked together to create a campaign that would be informative, creative, memorable, funny, and tap into the inner-child of everyone who watches. KMart’s “Ship My Pants” commercial launched on April 10, 2013, to help promote the ability to have the products purchased in store be shipped to your home for free. It became an internet sensation. It has amassed over 17 million views since it’s launch.

Why does it work? Because it’s childish. It starts off so abruptly. It takes you a second to realize what is being said. Once the realization happens, a child runs out and says how he can’t wait to ship his pants. An innocent elderly couple appears to say the titular line, followed by an old man celebrating the incoming arrival of his new bed. It’s quirky. It’s funny. It’s juvenile. It did it’s job.

But DRAFTFCB and KMart weren’t done just yet. On May 22, 2013, the “sequel” to “Ship My Pants” was released. This new commercial was to promote savings on gasoline for KMart members. In less than 24 hours, the commercial has already started an online buzz and has reached 30,000 views.

Different selling point. Same concept and execution. A funny phrase that can be repeated over and over again. Innocent looking actors, who you feel bad about what they are kind of saying, but still think it’s hilarious. A visual gag capped with a perfect comedy “button” that wraps the whole thing up neatly .

People see the commercial. People talk about the commercial. People remember KMart is a thing. People return to KMart. The ad has done it’s job.

Smart. Funny. Juvenile. It’s a similar strategy that AT&T has been using for their “It’s Not Complicated” campaign. People may be fast forwarding through commercials these days due to DVR’s, so advertisers need to make their work something that will stand out. Something that people will want to actively search out and share online. AT&T did that. KMart is doing that.  I’m sure many others will follow shortly.

So congratulations to KMart and DRAFTFCB for making the 12 year old inside all of us come out and laugh and a well thought out commercial. We are all eagerly anticipating Part III.


There’s Always Money In The Good Marketing Plan

May 20, 2013

This week, after a 7 year hiatus, the Bluth family will return. “Arrested Development” will debut 15 new episodes on Netflix on May 26th. For fans of the short-lived, under-appreciated show, this is a very welcome return. To help generate buzz around the new episodes, Netflix, The Hurwitz Company, and Imagine Entertainment could have done nothing but a few good press releases. The show has gathered such a cult following in the age of DVDs and online binge watching. The fan base was already excited. But they wanted to have a grand kick-off. Celebrate the show, welcome back it’s fans, and bring in a new audience at the same time.


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February 3, 2013

First and foremost, congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens on their victory in Super Bowl XLVII (47). The game proved to be just as exciting as everyone had hoped.

But now let’s get to the real reason we’re here. Over the past few years, the Super Bowl has gotten more and more social media friendly. The addition of hashtags and making ads compatible with apps like Shazam are just two examples of how companies have found ways to continue their advertisement past the 30-60 second mark (and also saving a few million dollars). However, I feel that something happened this year. Social media was much more prevalent, ran successful campaigns, and companies were ready to go at a moments notice.

Here are some examples (my opinion) of the top social media moments of Super Bowl XLVII…

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Fixing The BCS

October 28, 2012

As some (or most) of you know, I took a class in my Sophomore year at the U of O called “Information Gathering.” That was the formal name. What it was (the class no longer exists) referred to as by students and faculty alike was “Info Hell.” An intensive research paper, 100+ pages, with extremely annotated bibliography entries. I lost sleep. I lost weight. It was Hell. However, besides the academic experience, I did take away one BIG thing from this class.

I know how to fix the BCS.

University Presidents, I’m waiting for a phone call…
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Viruses, Phone Calls, and Nick Lachey

December 31, 2010

2010. Who would have thunk it! My dear sister deemed 2010 “The Miracle Year” on January 1st. While I may not have agreed with that statement on January 2nd (thanks a lot Terrelle Pryor), things took a drastic change (for the better) around March. (EDIT: My sister is not dead. I meant “dear.” bad typo. All fixed! Sorry Katie) Read the rest of this entry »

Super Bowl Commercials

February 7, 2010

Here is a play by play account of the Super Bowl Commercials:
– Bud Light House. Funny. Beer commercials always are.
– Tim Tebow tackles woman. And has horrible form. And will suck in the NFL. And is a crybaby.
– Super Bowl/Boost Mobile Shuffle. Hurricane or Ditka. The Hurricane is Hurricane Ditka. Ditka! Good one.
– Doritos shock collar. Classic!
– Robin Hood…Gladiator with bows.
– Doritos little kid commercial. Brilliant!!!!
– Bud Light asteroid. The guy from LOST was in it! Can I consider that a clue?
– NCSI….dumb.
– Simpsons and Coke! Made me smile! Simpsons comeback 2010? I think so!
– Go Daddy massage. I don’t wanna see more now, because it’s stupid!
– Doritos funeral. IT’S A MIRACLE!
– Bud Light auto tune. T-PAIN!!!!! WIN!
– violin beaver. Odd. OSU sucks.
– Wolfman. Not interested.
– Bridgestone. Trying to bank on Hangover success. Fail.
– Sketchers sucks.
– I’m pretty sure this commercial ran last year with a different name. But they said knowledge.
– Budweiser broken bridge. Whatever.
– Shutter Island. Gonna be good.
– Mark Sanchez likes woman who watch football. And shaved. That about all I got out of that one.
– I bet Conan’s party is better than Leno, Letterman and Oprah’s.
– Dockers. I wear no pants. ok.
– Hyundai Brett Favre. Glad he can make fun of himself. But seriously. Go home.
– Bud Light and LOST. Winning combo!
– Dove. Did not expect that one. “This commercial got really lame really fast.” -Master Anderson.
– NFL Draft commercial. Confused me. I thought my phone was ringing. Stop using my ringtone NFL!
– Unexpected Dodger Charger ad. I like/
– Flower commercial. DUMB!!!!!!!!
– CSI in space. There’s 3 of us on the ship. One is dead and I didn’t do it. I wonder who did.
– Alice In Wonderland. AWESOME!!!!!
– Dr Pepper and Kiss….same commercial as always.
– TruTV. Polomalu sees his shadow. WIN!
– Harry Potter Land looks fun!
– FloTV. Interesting idea.
– Intel. Robots don’t have emotions… not even Jeffrey
– FloTV and The Who. Good commercial.
– LOCAL COMMERCIAL: Monkey got banana!!!!!
– Prince of Persia with Jake Gylenhhall? Interesting.
– Megan Fox in a bathtub. Dumb commercial, good idea.
– VW. Blue one. Red One. Stevie Wonder making a blind joke. Nice.
– Michelob Ultra. Lance Armstrong supports cancer research and getting drunk. Vacation!
– Bridgestone. I don’t get it.
– KGB. “Bring it on fat man!” Who needs KGB when you know a Japanese double major.
– Coke in Africa. Theme for commercials 2010: No pants?
– eTrade babies. Talking babies always funny. Please bring them back every year!!!
– Census 2010. Funny people. Poorly written.
– Google. Why does Google need to advertise? Good commercial. All the girls in the room “aww’d.”
– KIA. “I wanna hang out with these guys.” -Roitman. “Whhhaaatttt!?”-Ostrow. It was all a dream.
– Round Up can afford to do a Super Bowl ad?
– Budweiser Select 55. Simple. Gets point across.
– Seriously. NFL commercials. Stop using my ringtone. It’s trippin me out.
– The Masters? Really?
– Jack in the Box. I’ve seen better. TO NEW THINGS…like 2011 commercial being better for Jack in the Box.
– LOCAL COMMERCIAL: Mattress Mania. What the hell!?
– Vizio. Made me interested.
– Pop Secret AND Emerald Nuts? AWESOME!!!!
– Dante’s Inferno THE VIDEO GAME!? Intriguing.
– Budweiser Clydesdale’s return to the Super Bowl. With the Rudy music. Always a winner.
– Honda. Kelpto, buff, animated squirrels. Don’t know what it has to do with Honda, but fun.
– Denny’s. Screaming chickens are hilarious. Especially screaming chickens in space.
– CBS has some strange commercials promoting their own programming.
– Audi. The green police. I like the cover of Dream Police.
– Taco Bell. Charles Barkley rapping with Lamar? THAT’s entertainment!
– Doritos at the gym. Dorito WARRIOR! Doesn’t matter how funny it was, still shocked about the pick-6.
– Bud Light book club? Probably funny, but couldn’t hear it. NO TALKING DURING ADS PEOPLE!!!
– eTrade babies. “Oh he’s eating lobsta’ too!” Always funny. I’ll say it again; more talking babies!
– Sketchers already ran this ad! Make it stop.
– Dennys. MORE SCREAMING CHICKENS!!!! The simple things in life.
– CBS ads make me not want to watch CBS.
– eTrade talking baby on a plane. One more for the road!
– Intel. Evolution of computers? Pretty lame commercial.
– Sun Life Financial. Not good commercial. Not good grammar.
– WalMart. This is why these commercials were after the game ended.
– Hyundai. Why am I still watching.
– The Crazies. Thats sounds like a good idea…..not. Trophy ceremony then I’m done with this.
Congratulations to the city of New Orleans and the Saints. This was as exciting as a College Bowl game. Fun game to watch! Couldn’t happen to a better guy. Go Drew Brees! WHO DAT!!!!!

I’m With Coco

January 14, 2010

Watching The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien the past few nights really has been something else. We are all watching a man who works harder at his job than most people do, and who truly loves his job, slowly turn into a comedic-one-man NBC wrecking ball. He is taking shots at NBC, Leno, and everyone else involved with the current situation like his job isn’t on the line. He wrote a sketch from Jack McBreyer tonight in which he blatantly took a HUGE shot at all NBC executives. McBreyer was the voice of Conan, calling a network who would change times on someone a “monster.” “Fun Fact: Conan and other members of the Tonight Show staff uprooted their families to move to Los Angeles to produce this show.” Ricky Gervais then came on and told Conan to get drunk, have fun, “go mental. What are they gonna do? Fire you!?”

Gervais is exactly right, and Conan has not been shying away from it. I noticed this for the first time last night, when he entered for his monologue doing the same old shtick he did on Late Night (the jump, spin entrance, followed by the “strings attached to hips” routine). Conan is having the time of his life, due to the fact that he doesn’t know how much longer he has for his dream job. I’m with Coco. I will follow Conan wherever he goes; if that be to FOX, staying at NBC, or anywhere else. Conan is a comedic genius, writing some of the best Simpsons episodes of all time (Monorail ring a bell for you Simpsons fans? All Conan) and SNL. Tonight’s monologue said the following:
Hi, I’m Conan O’Brien, and I’ve been practicing the phrase, “Who ordered the mochaccino grande?”

Hosting “The Tonight Show” has been the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for me – and I just want to say to the kids out there watching: You can do anything you want in life. Unless Jay Leno wants to do it too.

According to a new TV Guide poll, 83 percent of voters want me to stay at 11:35. When he heard this poll number, President Obama asked, “How can I get NBC to screw me over?”

I’m getting a lot of support out there, especially from an online group calling themselves “Team Conan.” It’s very exciting-it’s the first time in my life I’ve been on a team where I wasn’t picked last.

Last night, the new season of “American Idol” started on the FOX Network and it was watched by an audience of 30 million people. When they heard that, NBC executives said “That’s not true, there’s no such thing as an audience of 30 million people.”

I’m starting to ramble, but in short, Conan is gaining the support NBC never allowed, or thought he would, get. NBC has, for a lack of a better term, fucked up…..BIG TIME! Congratulations to Conan for standing up to the bully named NBC. It’s the Tonight Show, not a sitcom. You have to allow time for an audience. And when Conan is elsewhere (as Letterman joked, “Replacing my job on this [CBS] network”) getting bigger ratings than Leno and becoming the new “King of Late Night,” the NBC executives will look across the board room table and say “What did we do!?”

Max Gaspin…..FIX THIS MESS!