Something New

I start this post by saying, I don’t know what to say. Just giving you all that fair warning. It’s OK if you decide to stop reading this now. But we’ll see how this goes…

On to the next, I guess.

When there is something you want, something you are really hoping for, hearing that you didn’t get it can let you down a bit. That’s natural. But you get over it and you move on. There is a Yiddish word, bashert, which means “destiny.” It insinuates that something is meant to be. Preordained. Almost like a Jewish version of “Que sera, sera.” So maybe this is part of that “divine plan.”

We’ll see what’s next, but right now, this sucks.

In my fraternity, we would have the pledges conduct Brother Interviews to have them get to know the Brotherhood better. Questions ranged from the general (Name, Age, Major, Hometown) to the funny/obscure, like “What would you dip yourself in” (Not the Mill Race) or “What’s your favorite type of hole” (doughnut). All of it is meant to break any tensions of talking to older members. Get everyone introduced. Give everyone a quick laugh and make sure everyone feels comfortable around each other, while giving the new guys some advice at the same time. But there was always one question that would make me smile a bit.

“What is your favorite part of Eugene?”

I’ve heard a multitude of answers for this question. The Ducks, clean air, trees, girls. To each his own. But my answer was always simple. The people. The people are nice. The people are interesting (to say the least). The people make your experience better (or worse). The people are what makes going to the Duck games fun. The people are why you go to the same bar almost every night. The people are the ones that leave their door unlocked for you so you can hang out and act like idiots together. The people are the ones who make your college experience that much better. The people make Eugene and the U of O what they are.

So as I prepare to move on and start the next chapter in my life, what am I going to miss the most? I’ll miss my favorite part of Eugene.

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