Penn State (NCAA Sanction Reaction)

Serious question. What is the point of vacating wins? Not just for Penn State, but in general. It really is pointless in my eyes.

For the PSU scandal, how does vacating wins help the victims and their families? You’re taking away wins from a man who died just so that he isn’t the all time wins leader in NCAA Division-1. Whoop-de-freakin-doo. That doesn’t change anything. As I said in my previous post, the wins still happened. As did the cover-up.

Pete Rose bet on baseball. Illegal. The games he managed still count. Mark McGwire took steroids, then (while not accused) committed obstruction of justice by refusing to speak on the matter to Congress. Illegal. All the games he played in still count. Tim Donaghy bet on NBA games and even effected the outcome of some. Illegal. All those games still count. Michael Vick was running a dog fighting ring out of his house while he was playing for the Falcons. Illegal. Went to jail. All games still count.

Joe Paterno and his cronies in the Penn State Athletic Department committed obstruction of justice. Illegal. All victories to be vacated.

The NCAA is the only organization which takes away things that happened. There’s no way to avoid it. The USC-Oklahoma National Championship game? IT HAPPENED! USC won. The 2006 Orange Bowl? IT HAPPENED! Penn State won!

Now, imagine you were a player for PSU in that 2006 Orange Bowl or the 2005 National Championship. Imagine that you didn’t even play. You were a bench warmer. The game is over. Your team wins. You are rewarded with a nice little piece of jewelry for your finger which reads “Champion.” You get that for the rest of your life. No one asks you how many minutes you played. The only thing that matters is that you were on a championship team. That is, until you find out that someone did something bad and the NCAA is going to pretend your victory didn’t happen. Your ring means nothing because in the age of instant media where anything can be looked up in seconds, it shows that the winner of the 2005 National Championship was [vacated] and the winner of the 2006 Orange Bowl was [vacated]. And worst of all, as a player, you didn’t even know what was happening to make your victory go away. Do you think any of the players on that 2006 team knew anything of what was going on? It’s called a cover up for a reason.

How is that fair? The players worked their asses of to win a game. They won. Not Paterno. Now they have their championship taken away. The players were innocent. The coaching staff is gone. The Athletic Director and University President were fired and face jail. Sandusky is in jail. Paterno is dead. This scandal isn’t about college athletics. It is about human lives. The NCAA has no right to be the ones administering punishment. Let the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and the legal system take care of that. By continuing to punish people who had nothing to do with the scandal you continue to think about the scandal and fail to try and move on.

I’ve been told not every sanction is about the victims. This time, it is. The NCAA put down harsh sanctions because they thought it would help the victims and their families feel better. What will make them feel better is when everyone involved is behind bars. The NCAA just told the families, “You remember that game in 1999 vs. Purdue that Penn State won. Well, we took that way from them. Sorry about everything. Feel better?”

So answer me this. What is the point of vacating wins? How does it help/solve problems, not only in this situation, but throughout collegiate athletics? If you were a family member of a victim, would you be relieved that a Penn State game in September of 2002 vs. Louisiana Tech didn’t count as a win anymore?

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