Change It Up!

It’s time for a Social Media adjustment.

My Twitter account was born as @AlexInInfoHell on March 8th, 2010. According to, my “Godfather” is @claytongraham. I have logged 20,550 hours, 856 days, 28 months, and 2.3 years on the social media site. I currently stand at 5,142 tweets and have gathered 843 followers. Impressive, if I do say so myself. In those 2.3 years, I have become very well versed in social media; the do’s and don’ts, the proper techniques and etiquette, and much more (thank you #J412ssm)!

But it’s now time for a change.

After reading Darren Rovell’s 100 Twitter Rules To Live By, I have come to a few conclusions. I need to start moving into the professional world. I will do this through a implementing three rules for myself. No promises on keeping these rules, but I will try.

1) I will not arbitrarily tweet everything that is on my mind whenever I feel like tweeting. It gets annoying for everyone. I even get annoyed with myself when I look at my Twitter feed and it’s random bits of nothingness. Will I still tweet for the sake of tweeting? Yes. I ramble. I even say so in my Twitter bio. But I am going to try and scale it back a bit. As Rovell writes, “Quantity of tweets is fine as long as it’s quality. I average more than 40 tweets a day.”

2) I will not follow everyone. If you follow me, and I don’t follow back, I’m sorry. But the purpose of Twitter is to get information and make connections. We’re friends on Facebook. I’ll see your posts and quips.

3) I will not respond to every tweet that I am mentioned in. I’m looking at you @ChazMMichaels.

@AlexHorwitch 2.0. Let’s go!

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