What’s Next?

(via asiapacific)

Sports marketing and communications is an ever evolving industry. With each new innovation and technical advancement, organizations must react to the new medium and use it properly and effectively. This was seen with radio, television, the internet, and now, with social media.

The internet and social media made everything instantaneous (for better or worse). News, scores, and updates are all available at a moments notice at your finger tips. Organizations, whether they be college or professional, are using all the platforms available to be able to connect with fans all over the world.

The University of Oregon has dedicated websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Pintrest pages, Instagram accounts, and foursquare check in locations. The New Jersey Devils (NHL) has it’s own “Mission Control” where they monitor everything that is being said about the team (Devils social media department, if you’re reading this, Go Kings). Anchors on ESPN all have their Twitter accounts featured in their by-lines. Athletes reach out to fans on social media platforms and interact, making the fans feel closer to their favorite players.

Consuming sports and entertainment is easier than ever. Major League Baseball has a smart phone app that allows you to watch any game currently in action live on your phone in high definition. Widgets like TweetDeck allow you to categorize your Twitter feed by category. ESPN’s family of networks, apps, and websites make the term 24 hour news cycle seem inadequate. Teams and leagues come up with official hash tags for the “Twitterverse” to use to help monitor the conversation. It is truly a golden era for new media.

If someone told you 10 years ago that one of the biggest websites in the world would be based around 140 character “blurbs,” who knows what your reaction would have been. Someone is currently researching and testing the next big thing. What it will be is currently unknown, but PR professionals in the world of athletics are eagerly awaiting to see what’s next.

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