RESPONSE: Music, Film, TV: How social media changed the entertainment experience

Music, Film, TV: How social media changed the entertainment experience

(photo via PolishGuyPodcast)

In his article, Brian Solis discusses how the entertainment industry has changed with the advent of social media networks. TV shows are offering live tweets with cast members during the show. Both TV and film are offering specific hashtags for fans and interested parties to use in order to create one common location for people to discuss the medium. Musicians are turning to their social media networks to release information about recordings and secret shows.

Yes. Social media has changed the entertainment industry. But it does not stop there. Social media’s impact on sports has been incredible, and not just for those watching games at home.

More and more professional sports teams are incorporating social media in stadium. Baseball teams are allowing fans to order concessions from cell phone apps. Basketball teams are letting their fans select the music they want to hear at time outs through Twitter and Facebook. Football teams are tweeting trivia questions for those in attendance, with the correct answer getting a seat upgrade.

New Los Angeles Dodgers co-owner (and movie executive) Peter Gruber recently discussed his social media plans with Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times. Gruber stated that fans need more than just the game in the modern era  of technology. Offering new and innovative “distractions” will let people enjoy their time at the ballpark more.

“That could mean autograph signings, bobblehead dolls, [players] posing for pictures. That could mean a player wearing a microphone during the game, with the feed available via smartphone…In a world where people twitch if they do not check their iPhone within two minutes, Guber wants to empower fans to use a smartphone to view a replay from their seat, to order ahead to the concession stand, to start an online dialogue with other fans in attendance.”

Most NBA teams offer public Wi-Fi in their arenas. Several MLB teams provide Wi-Fi as well. Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, announced yesterday that he intends on offering the same service within the coming year.

Colleges are also jumping on the social media bandwagon. At the University of Oregon, each Division-1 team has a twitter account which provides updates and game information to the fans. Universities are also using social media to connect alumni from across the globe, so they feel connected with their alma mater.

Social media is not just some passing fad. The public loves it. The entertainment/sports industries use it. And the developers continue to look for the next big thing that will help change the way people consume their preferential entertainment source of choice.



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