While it is an unfortunate truth, tragedy brings communities and peoples together. The untimely passing of Lill Pagenstecher, a sister at the Chi Omega Sorority at the University of Oregon, is one of those tragic events. Many knew her and were touched by her. Others (myself included) did not have the opportunity to know her. But the stories told tonight make you stop to look around for a second.

Take time to tell your family members you love them.

Take time to tell your friends you appreciate them.

(For Greek Life members) Take time to cherish your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters.

Do all of the things you want to do in life.

If you have aspirations to do something big in business and be successful in something you love, go for it.

Don’t take things so seriously. Have some fun. Laugh it off. Smile.

And while this post may seem (on the surface) as just another “Carpe Diem” post, for those in the UOfsl community, and for those who were touched by Lill, tonight means a little bit more.

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