A Letter To The New Dodger Owners

The new ownership team for Los Angeles Dodgers was introduced just about an hour ago. Part of the introduction included unveiling a new online fan suggestion box email (fanbox@ladodgers.com). I’ve written about this subject here before, but I felt it was necessary to send in an email. It’s time to bring back The Dodger Way!


To Whom It May Concern,
I know the person reading this may not be named Stan, Mark, or Magic. I know that whoever is reading this may just have the simple job of writing down the suggestions and passing them along (if they are good). But I first want to take a moment to thank you all! As I watch this press conference introducing the new owners a long way away in Eugene, OR (where I am a Senior at the University of Oregon), I cannot help but feel energized and excited.
Mr. Kasten and Mr. Johnson both mentioned restoring something intangible about the Dodgers. Something that Mr. O’Malley brought to the team. As Mr. Johnson said, “We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We just need to bring it back to where Mr. O’Malley had it.” And THAT is the source of my email.
In 1954, Dodger executive Al Campanis wrote a book. It was called “The Dodgers’ Way To Play Baseball.” It was a book that was passed down through the generations of Dodger players, executives, and from Walter to Peter O’Malley. It was given to every player at the start of Spring Training. It wasn’t just about how to play the game, but also how to act as a representative of the team, and how to run the team. It was something that set the Dodgers apart from every franchise in Major League baseball. When Peter O’Malley sold the team to News Corp in the late 90s, The Dodger Way was lost.
During today’s press conference, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Kasten, and Mr. Walters all mentioned aspects of The Dodger Way, which prompted me to write this email. I would like to suggest that The Dodgers’ Way To Play Baseball by Al Campanis be placed on the desk of every employee at Dodger Stadium (as well as given to the players). The Dodgers are great, and can be great again, but the proper way to do it has been forgotten. Let’s bring it back!

I am excited to see what this ownership team can do, and cannot wait to celebrate in October!

Thanks you, and Go Dodgers!

Alex Horwitch
Senior – Public Relations/Journalism Major
University of Oregon
Resident of Calabasas, CA

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