Sold! To the man in the Dodger hat!

The white flag was raised, the combatants came out of the trenches, and the treaty was signed. Frank McCourt finally relinquished his ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and fans everywhere, including myself, felt a weight lifted off of their beloved team. And just as soon as his name was on the settlement agreement, the people of Dodger Nation moved from worrying about the most hated man in LA sports history to who would become the new owner.

Names have been thrown around like a dogs chew toy during a game of fetch. Cuban. Garvey. Hershiser. Broad. AEG. Time Warner. But one name has been absent from the conversation due to his supposed lack of interest. Until now.

Peter O’Malley needs to be in the front office again. He stated his rekindled interest to the LA Times yesterday. Tommy Lasorda said it needs to happen. And it does. It just does. Not necessarily as owner. But as CEO or President.

O’Malley says he is the only one who can reconnect the Dodgers to the community. I agree. He is the only person who truly has the knowledge of the team to do so. His return to Chavez Ravine would be welcomed back in a way only comparible to what would happen if Ronald Reagan rose from the dead to appear at the Repulican Convention to announce he was running for President. That big.

Dennis Gilbert needs to be majority owner. He is a lifelong Dodger fan with 8 season tickets in the front row behind home plate. He is a former agent who knows the business of baseball and is well respected in the community, as well as in MLB’s front offices. Minority owners (faces with money) should get involved too. People who care. Vin Scully. Tommy Lasorda. Maybe AEG. As the LA Times reported, the idea of AEG renovating the Ravine and making it LA Live North at Dodger Stadium is pretty mind boggling to think about.

Whatever happens will surely be better than what we as Dodger fans have been suffering through for the past few years. Ned Colletti will finally have money to prove that he is the smart GM he appears he can be. Whatever happens will usher a new era for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Whatever happens, the future is bright…

But Peter O’Malley needs to be there to help.

*EDIT: I looked back to the post I wrote about “The Dodger Way.” I think that the only way to restore The Dodger Way, as I mentioned, is to have an owner who fully understands it. With the news of O’Malley looking to buy the team again, I think that this is the right, proper, and possibly the only way to restore the Dodgers to where they were.*

(apologies for any spelling errors or sentences that don’t make sense. I’m writing this on my iPad)

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