Viruses, Phone Calls, and Nick Lachey

2010. Who would have thunk it! My dear sister deemed 2010 “The Miracle Year” on January 1st. While I may not have agreed with that statement on January 2nd (thanks a lot Terrelle Pryor), things took a drastic change (for the better) around March. (EDIT: My sister is not dead. I meant “dear.” bad typo. All fixed! Sorry Katie)

When OTR left to go to the East Coast last Spring Break, things changed for all of us. We Rick Roll’d in our first venture into viral success. Then came back to Eugene and went CRAZY VIRAL (just a little FYI, before it got removed, the outdoor video had upwards of 7.5 million views. Thanks Gaga). We gained new fans all over the world, and our shows had the largest crowds ever. All the success was amazing and was a true humbling for all of us. This was OTR’s 10 year anniversary. We released an amazing album. Amazing for all this to happen now.

Then we got a phone call.

Flash forward to June, and we’re flying down to LA to audition for “The Sing-Off.” NBC saw our videos and wanted us to come down and audition. Had fun with it. Flew back to Eugene for finals. Went home for summer, worked at the same summer camp I went to when I was little. Was having a great time.

Then we got another phone call.

We made the show. I quit my job with a week left in first session, went on vacation with my family, got home, then moved into a hotel with 88 other extremely talented people. The experience from Day 1 in the Radisson was unlike anything I had ever done in my life. From the first people I met, to the last person who’s name I finally remembered, I noticed something about everyone. This wasn’t going to be a competition. This was A’Cappella Camp. We were all working our asses off to produce a great sound and try and be the best we could be on the show. But no one wanted someone to go home. We all just wanted to keep singing with each other. As each episode passes, we only got closer. Eliminations were filled with emotion. The parties that followed were filled with entertainment with one (or two) of the groups for the last time.

It was a family. If someone was sick, we asked them what they needed us to do to make them feel better (“We need to buy honey, lemons, tea, and medicine!”). Late nights hanging out, talking, singing, relaxing in the hot tub, hallways or conference rooms in the hotel. Early mornings waiting in the lobby for our vans to take us to the studio.

The pre-taped shows wrapped September 8th, exactly one month after we moved into the hotel, and we all went home. Forbidden to talk about anything that had happened, we all communicated through Facebook and texts almost daily. The show aired December 6th. The next day, December 7th, one day short of being 4 months since we moved into the hotel…

We got another phone call.

All 10 groups would be coming back for the finale. All 89 of us together. A family reunited. We picked up where we all left off. We watched like proud brothers and sisters as the finalists performed with music icons. The final two were named, and the emotion stated to come over again. After this commercial break, all of this would be over, for real this time. Committed was named the champion, we joined them on stage, and then celebrated until the early hours of the morning. We all left the next day, anticipating the next time we will all see each other. An amazing experience I will never forget and has changed my life forever. Who would have thunk it!? All this came from Rick Rolling a subway car in New York.

Just waiting for that next phone call.

(NOTE: Yes, there were many other eventful things that happened in 2010, which I may touch upon in a different blog post. However, I felt it most pertinent to write about The Sing-Off as my final post of 2010. Have a Happy, Healthy, and Safe New Year everyone!)

4 Responses to Viruses, Phone Calls, and Nick Lachey

  1. Katie says:

    DEAR sister, I assume.
    not DEAD sister
    aaagh change it!!!!!!

  2. TL says:

    I am so glad you guys were on the Sing-Off, otherwise I never would have found out about On the Rocks!(I must have been living under a rock when Bad Romance went viral.. haha) Watching all of you perform has been a pleasure and I have become a huge fan of OTR. Are you guys going to tour Canada again sometime in the near future?

    Happy New Year! I hope 2011 will be an even better year for you and On the Rocks. 🙂

    PS. I hope you don’t mind me reading and commenting on your blog /o\

  3. Kait says:

    I agree with TL! I am so glad that you guys were on the sing off, and am now a HUGE fan of OTR! You are all fantastically amazing, and I just can’t stop listening to your music! I think i now have about….11 songs by you that i bought on iTunes! And as much as I love listening to them, i love watching videos of your performances on youtube! There is so much energy within the group, and you always seem to have so much fun! My school actually doesn’t have any student run acapella groups, it hasn’t in a while, so I am planning on starting one in the very near future. : ) But you are all definitely one of my main inspirations. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world! We are all so lucky to be able to listen to you! Thank again for all you do!


  4. Luciana says:

    Ohmygod… when I first watched an OTR “Save a horse, ride a cowboy” video this last January (yes! January 2011!), I would never imagine I was gonna end up watching thousands of OTR videos and finding out you were on a TV show just last december! And I would never imagine I´d read such a cute post about all that Sing Off stuff, under a very close point of view. That was really cute. And I can´t stop showing EVERYBODY the “All the above” videos… got to watch all of them – and I don´t even like rap, maaaaan! So, hugs from Brazil, congratulations for your talent, and I hope you have a 2011 as fantastic as 2010. =]

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