Trade Deadline

The most exciting, hectic, and roller coaster day of the year. The annual MLB Trade Deadline looms closer (1pm PST today) and, as always, the rumors are flying around. With my Dodgers 7 games out of the division, it seems like the focused should be switched to the Wild Card (4.5 games back), a much more attainable goal. I always like to play GM around this time of year (well, around all times of the year, but this time especially). So here’s what I do today if I were Ned Colletti. Some of these are based on reports that have surfaced in the past hour or so.

Dodgers receive
Ted Lilly
Ryan Theriot
Cubs receive
Blake DeWitt
2 pitching prospects (Elbert? McDonald? Withrow?)
EDIT: Lilly/Theriot traded for DeWitt and 2 prospect pitchers Brett Wallach & Kyle Smit

Dodgers receive
Dayan Viciedo (#1 White Sox prospect)
Relief Pitching
White Sox receive
Manny Ramirez

Dodgers receive
Jose Bautista
Blue Jays receive
Dayan Viciedo
Jon Link

Dodgers receive
Kelly Johnson
Diamondbacks receive
Ryan Theriot (AZ was trying to acquire Theriot before but the Cubs said no)

There is also the very interesting idea of a 5 team trade in which all these moves are essentially made (all the major players going as predicted) and each team throwing in some prospects here and there to each other.

If only….

UPDATE: So I was only right about the Cubs/Dodgers swap. However, McDonald did end up getting traded (as predicted) along with minor leaguer and smoker of the herb Andrew Lambo for Octavio Dotel (RP). All in all, a mildly successful deadline day. Now if only we could win! On another note, Ned loves waiver deals. Look for the Dodgers to be active on Aug 31.

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