It’s Not Halloween!

I hate the San Francisco Giants. I hate them. With a burning passion. Everything about the Giants. Their colors, their logo, their players. But the thing I hate most about the Giants is the arrogance and ignorance of their fans. I’m not saying all Giants fans are idiots. I know plenty of Giants fans who are very smart, intelligent people who know a lot about the game of baseball and the history of the sport. However, the fans I’m talking about are not these fans. The fans I’m talking about are they ones who are always angry, confrontational, mean hearted people. The people who yell and scream about how much your team sucks, but don’t use history to back it up. They people who claim that Tim Lincecum is better than any pitcher the Dodgers ever have or will had. Really? Better than Koufax, Drysdale, Newcombe, Hershiser, and Fernando? I would go on, but my battery is dying. In conclusion, don’t be an ignorant, stupid fan. Know what you’re talking about!

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