Dante Didn’t Even Know The Half Of It!

Dear Dante,
Your inferno was missing something. I think somewhere around the 4th, 5th, or 6th level of your hell is a little something called J202 Information Gathering. Haven’t heard of it. Maybe you know it by its moniker, Info Hell. Ringing a bell now? Hell’s Bells? Yes, punny, but I digest….

Dante, my dear friend, I know we haven’t spoken since Senior year, but if you could help me navigate out of this rung of hellish activity as you did when I was stuck in a boring ass classroom (H216 if my memory is correct) with a terrible teacher (not related to Roman) I would greatly appreciate it.

In the meantime, please make sure you properly place J202 in your Divine Comedy and let it sit and rot there. Again, greatly appreciated!

Give my best to Virgil,

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