Super Bowl Commercials

Here is a play by play account of the Super Bowl Commercials:
– Bud Light House. Funny. Beer commercials always are.
– Tim Tebow tackles woman. And has horrible form. And will suck in the NFL. And is a crybaby.
– Super Bowl/Boost Mobile Shuffle. Hurricane or Ditka. The Hurricane is Hurricane Ditka. Ditka! Good one.
– Doritos shock collar. Classic!
– Robin Hood…Gladiator with bows.
– Doritos little kid commercial. Brilliant!!!!
– Bud Light asteroid. The guy from LOST was in it! Can I consider that a clue?
– NCSI….dumb.
– Simpsons and Coke! Made me smile! Simpsons comeback 2010? I think so!
– Go Daddy massage. I don’t wanna see more now, because it’s stupid!
– Doritos funeral. IT’S A MIRACLE!
– Bud Light auto tune. T-PAIN!!!!! WIN!
– violin beaver. Odd. OSU sucks.
– Wolfman. Not interested.
– Bridgestone. Trying to bank on Hangover success. Fail.
– Sketchers sucks.
– I’m pretty sure this commercial ran last year with a different name. But they said knowledge.
– Budweiser broken bridge. Whatever.
– Shutter Island. Gonna be good.
– Mark Sanchez likes woman who watch football. And shaved. That about all I got out of that one.
– I bet Conan’s party is better than Leno, Letterman and Oprah’s.
– Dockers. I wear no pants. ok.
– Hyundai Brett Favre. Glad he can make fun of himself. But seriously. Go home.
– Bud Light and LOST. Winning combo!
– Dove. Did not expect that one. “This commercial got really lame really fast.” -Master Anderson.
– NFL Draft commercial. Confused me. I thought my phone was ringing. Stop using my ringtone NFL!
– Unexpected Dodger Charger ad. I like/
– Flower commercial. DUMB!!!!!!!!
– CSI in space. There’s 3 of us on the ship. One is dead and I didn’t do it. I wonder who did.
– Alice In Wonderland. AWESOME!!!!!
– Dr Pepper and Kiss….same commercial as always.
– TruTV. Polomalu sees his shadow. WIN!
– Harry Potter Land looks fun!
– FloTV. Interesting idea.
– Intel. Robots don’t have emotions… not even Jeffrey
– FloTV and The Who. Good commercial.
– LOCAL COMMERCIAL: Monkey got banana!!!!!
– Prince of Persia with Jake Gylenhhall? Interesting.
– Megan Fox in a bathtub. Dumb commercial, good idea.
– VW. Blue one. Red One. Stevie Wonder making a blind joke. Nice.
– Michelob Ultra. Lance Armstrong supports cancer research and getting drunk. Vacation!
– Bridgestone. I don’t get it.
– KGB. “Bring it on fat man!” Who needs KGB when you know a Japanese double major.
– Coke in Africa. Theme for commercials 2010: No pants?
– eTrade babies. Talking babies always funny. Please bring them back every year!!!
– Census 2010. Funny people. Poorly written.
– Google. Why does Google need to advertise? Good commercial. All the girls in the room “aww’d.”
– KIA. “I wanna hang out with these guys.” -Roitman. “Whhhaaatttt!?”-Ostrow. It was all a dream.
– Round Up can afford to do a Super Bowl ad?
– Budweiser Select 55. Simple. Gets point across.
– Seriously. NFL commercials. Stop using my ringtone. It’s trippin me out.
– The Masters? Really?
– Jack in the Box. I’ve seen better. TO NEW THINGS…like 2011 commercial being better for Jack in the Box.
– LOCAL COMMERCIAL: Mattress Mania. What the hell!?
– Vizio. Made me interested.
– Pop Secret AND Emerald Nuts? AWESOME!!!!
– Dante’s Inferno THE VIDEO GAME!? Intriguing.
– Budweiser Clydesdale’s return to the Super Bowl. With the Rudy music. Always a winner.
– Honda. Kelpto, buff, animated squirrels. Don’t know what it has to do with Honda, but fun.
– Denny’s. Screaming chickens are hilarious. Especially screaming chickens in space.
– CBS has some strange commercials promoting their own programming.
– Audi. The green police. I like the cover of Dream Police.
– Taco Bell. Charles Barkley rapping with Lamar? THAT’s entertainment!
– Doritos at the gym. Dorito WARRIOR! Doesn’t matter how funny it was, still shocked about the pick-6.
– Bud Light book club? Probably funny, but couldn’t hear it. NO TALKING DURING ADS PEOPLE!!!
– eTrade babies. “Oh he’s eating lobsta’ too!” Always funny. I’ll say it again; more talking babies!
– Sketchers already ran this ad! Make it stop.
– Dennys. MORE SCREAMING CHICKENS!!!! The simple things in life.
– CBS ads make me not want to watch CBS.
– eTrade talking baby on a plane. One more for the road!
– Intel. Evolution of computers? Pretty lame commercial.
– Sun Life Financial. Not good commercial. Not good grammar.
– WalMart. This is why these commercials were after the game ended.
– Hyundai. Why am I still watching.
– The Crazies. Thats sounds like a good idea…..not. Trophy ceremony then I’m done with this.
Congratulations to the city of New Orleans and the Saints. This was as exciting as a College Bowl game. Fun game to watch! Couldn’t happen to a better guy. Go Drew Brees! WHO DAT!!!!!

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