A Quick Reflection

As I was at dinner this evening with Sam and Drew (Papa’s Soul Food!), I came to a sudden realization. I could not be happier with my decision to come to the U of O. Eugene is such a unique place; the people, the restaurants, the businesses, everything. The weather sucks at times, but it’s nice to get something different than the same 70+ degree weather I’ve had for the rest of my life. The atmosphere, the trees, the setting, completely different than Calabasas…in a great way! The education I’m getting is quality. The friends I’m making are awesome. My fraternity is great. My a’cappella group is great. My football team is great! My basketball team is getting better, as is the baseball team.

I have now lived 19 years. I now have 19 years of knowledge built up in my mind. I made a decision 2 years ago to come to Oregon. At the time I chose, in part, because it was different than Los Angeles (unlike Arizona, which is very much like LA). I said that I was going to be living in LA post-college, so I might as well live somewhere different for 4 years. My decision to come to Eugene was the perfect decision I could ever make. THAT is my 20th birthday gift to myself. *Pat on back* Well done. Good choice!

With 40 minutes left in my teenaged life, I also can’t believe that my adult life is truly about to start. I have learned a lot in my 19 years, and am ready to learn more. 20 years is a milestone. As I am sitting in Bronstein’s room, he is humming “New Slang” by The Shins. I have always thought that was a good reflection song. It’s fitting that as I sit here, about to become “an adult” that that is the song that should come up. I’m ready to start this next part of my life, and accept all the challenges with ease and an open-mind. Here’s to the next chapter…

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