Virginia Is For Lovers. California On The Other Hand….


“Proposition 8: Gay marriage ban  Yes 52.0%  No 48.0%  Precincts reporting: ~95.0%” -LA Times
                                                             I See NO Difference

What annoys me is people don’t see this as discrimination. Would you ban an interracial couple to get married. How about two mentally disabled people? The only thing worse about 8 passing is Arkansas’ newest law passed last night; Same Sex Couples Are Not Allowed To Adopt. I hear this and I think of pictures of water fountains and diners, with a sign over the nice side saying “Whites Only” and a sign over the shitty fountain and the back door of the diner saying “Colored.” Just when you think America took two steps forward last night by extinguishing a racism which has existed for over 200 years, the country takes one big step back.
But there is hope…

BUT, in response to what DID happen last night, I am still in awe. Amazement. Happy. What we all saw last night is one of those moment that will take up 3 pages in the US History books of our children. And you will know where you were and when it happened. At exactly 8pm PST, I was sitting in my dorm room with my door wide open, and several friends and I were watching CNN. As they showed the countdown clock to the next polls (California and the rest of the West) closing, Obama’s Electoral numbers made a slight jump. Doing the quick math, we all realized that California alone would push him over the 270. We counted down, like New Years, just as we had been doing. We reached 1, yelled and screamed, opened the windows and blasted music as the banner on CNN and Wolf Blitzer announced “Barack Obama will be the 44th President of The United States of America.” We then got up, and ran. From the dorms to the EMU (student union) and watched McCain and Obama’s speeches with a crowd of at least 125, probably more. Hearing President Obama’s speech, and talking to my Grandmother, Myra, I began to realize that this was all due to the outrageous turn out from first time/young voters. That this historic election was made possible by ME and MY contemporaries. We helped destroy one of the last true hurdles of the Constitutional Era, racism. And at that moment, I was the proudest I have ever been of my country.


One Response to Virginia Is For Lovers. California On The Other Hand….

  1. David B says:

    This a civil rights issue on which we will look back like we do the civil rights issues of the 1960s. What a shame.

    But God Bless America! We’ve spoken as a nation, given a mandate to a man who promises change, who embodies change. It’s a beautiful time to be an American.

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