A Final Note Before Nov. 4

To Whom It May Concern,


Vote. Plain and simple. Just vote. It’s not hard to do. You either stand in a little box and press and button/poke a hole, or you bubble in a ballot and stick it in the mail. I don’t care how you do it, just do it. Every vote, really does count, no matter what you think. This election is the most important election of our lifetime. The country is at a crossroads, realignment is occurring, and the economy is failing.


Who ever is the next President will have the chance to appoint at least 3 new Supreme Court Justices. Currently, the Court sits at a perfect split. 4 Liberals, 4 Conservatives, and Justice Kennedy sitting right in the middle. If Obama wins, the Courts will conceivably stay the same, appointing 3 new liberal justices. If McCain is elected, the Court will have a rightward sway. No matter what political party you belong to, or whatever your opinion may be of the candidates, this will change all of our lives forever.


One major issue is abortion- the current court has a 4-4 split, with Kennedy voting Liberal. If Obama is elected, Roe v. Wade is upheld. If McCain is elected, it is overturned. Now, I am not presenting this information to try and convince you to vote one way or another. I am simply trying to urge you to vote. The issues brought up in the Supreme Court affect our everyday life, and whoever is elected President on Nov 4 will have a hand in deciding our future, not just for 4-8 years, but for our lives.


I will take a moment right now just to plug my own beliefs. I encourage all of you in California to vote on the Propositions. They are incredibly important and cannot be overlooked! (And a personal opinion, a Yes on 8 vote is the same as outlawing Interracial Marriage and IS discrimination)

Yes on 2

Yes on 3

No on 4

Yes on 7

No on 8


And please, this Tuesday, November 4, please vote Barack Obama for President of the United States.


And even if you don’t agree with me on these subjects, agree with me on this…



Thank You 

One Response to A Final Note Before Nov. 4

  1. rick says:

    Bravo. You hit the key issue (and most over looked) right on the head. The Supreme Court is one of the few items that the President (any President) can directly effect. Assume for a second that Obama is elected. Does anyone really believe that he will end the war the day after the election? Does anyone really believe the economy will be fixed the day after the election? Health care, energy, social security, etc??? Of course not. However, the next President will absolutely be replacing 2, and possibly 3, justices in their first term. These appointments are for life (or until one retires). Decisions that the court makes effects generations to come (often centuries). If you believe the country needs to take a turn right on social and civil liberty issues then you should vote for McCain. If you believe that our current laws related to social and civil liberty issues should remain as is then vote for Obama. For me, a potential change from 5-4 in favor of social and civil liberty to 7-2 against represents one of the greatest challenges, and dangers, to our great country. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association, rights regarding Search and Seizure and our Miranda Rights are all at stake – not to mention Roe v Wade and other key issues.
    The discussion and debate is about change. But the real issue, is the value and importance of maintaining the status quo.

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