Some Notes From The Debate…

Here are some notes I wrote I my phone during tonight’s debate:

-All of McCain’s responces had to do with records and experience and NO answers. If you know how to do it, then tell us!!!

-Name some Democrat Senators that you have reached across the aisle to work with who aren’t now considered “Independent” or Republican. 

-He keeps saying Obama hasn’t had to take on the big wigs of the Democratic Party…maybe because he hasn’t had to….AND I’M NOT YOUR FRIEND ASSHOLE!

-His attacks are painting him as a bitter old man.

-People in Tennessee aren’t gonna be driving to Arizona to go see a doctor!

-It’s not and attack on Pakistan! It’s an attack on Osama Bin Laden. And didn’t you say Reagan was your hero? What’s this Teddy is my hero shit?

-McCain walks like my grandpa.

-He says that he doesn’t wanna start another Cold War, but all of his ideas seem headed that way.

-Hey John, were you a POW? Just wondering…

-Stop trying to be funny and get to your answer…”Maybe…hehe GOD IM FUNNY!”

-Didn’t your hero Ronald Reagan sit down with a leader of an enemy nation? Oh wait, Reagan’s not your hero…Teddy is….or did you switch it again?

-Is that Tina Fey as Sarah Palin sitting in the audience?

-Yes, we know you know what it’s like to be fighting for this country. You were a POW…I think…

-Record Record Record

-What you don’t know is how to use a computer and who those damned kids are listening to these days…The Big Bopper?

One Response to Some Notes From The Debate…

  1. katbur says:

    Here’s one – when asked about who he would make secretary of the treasury he tried to make another joke “Not you Tom” ha ha

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