Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re experiencing a slight delay…

That’s what I have been hearing, in some way shape or form, all day long. How quickly a relaxing trip to Hawaii can turn into Airport Hell. It’s kind of like the Butterfly Effect…the theory, not the movie. After a tough morning (and an even tougher night’s sleep), a morning filled with “Don’t worry about packing fast, we’re delayed again,” and stupid TSA Agents, I am finally sitting here at LAX in the American Terminal….waiting.

The original flight was at 9:45. We were then told that the flight would be at 7:10, a nice change. We now wouldn’t be landing in Hawaii at midnight! We are waking up in the morning and the flight had moved, again, this time to 5:30!!! All very happy about the newest change, we packed. 10 minutes later we get a call. Back to 7:10. And another call. Back to 9:45. Then, a third. 10:45.

Now, the point I am trying to stress is how much I dislike air travel. 100 years again, you didn’t hear, “Sorry Bill. The horses got caught up in some bad weather in Miami. They won’t be in LA for another 7 hours.” Granted, people of yester-year would have killed for air travel. Being able to get from LA to New York, New York to Paris, Paris to Tokyo, Tokyo to the Big Island, and the Big Island back to LA in a matter of hours, not months. But after the new technology is released, they will quickly become familiar with the sentence, “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to San Francisco International Airport. Currently, all flights out are delayed due to a dark cloud over AT&T Park and a slight haze around Golden Gate Park and Height/Ashbury.” 

Then, to top everything off, the woman next to Katie and I had a huge stick up her ass; pissed off that there were people sitting next to her on a plane (“Where YOU going?” I’m sitting next to you. “*Sigh*”). The girl behind us talked in her “outdoor voice” at 2 am PST (“Im soaking wet! What did you spill!!!???”). And a rude flight attendant (“Thats why you pressed the button?”). Flying is fun! =\

(Tough 2 days)

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