Well…That’s No Fun!

As I sat at Nutrition today, I had a realization. I am the last to leave. Everyone leaves for school the end of August or beginning of September. But I don’t leave for Oregon till the very end of September. So, all my friends go off to their schools and on with the rest of their lives, and I’m stuck in Calabasas, making my final goodbyes weeks after everyone else made theirs. So what do I do in the time being? What do I do between the time Dusty and Stephanie and Ben et al leave and I leave with my fellow Ducks? 
       1. Fill up on Dodger Games- there is no baseball in Oregon!!!! UO has no team and no pro team for hundreds of miles. There’s a single A team for the Padres in Eugene, but their season ends the beginning of August. So I go to as many Dodger Games as I can.

       2. Visit local friends in college. Dusty and David take me to some USC games, all will be good.

       3. Pay my final respects to CHS. Maybe go to a rehearsal for the play. Make sure a cappella doesn’t go belly up.
       4. Enjoy it. I may be alone, but it will be the last time that I will ever call my house, my room, my bed, my permanent home, home. The last time I will wake up everyday and see my parents and my dog. I will be excited to leave and join my fellow members of the Class of 2012 on our road to the rest of our lives and great successes. But in the end, I will miss Calabasas and the things I do everyday that I take for granted.


What if my roommate doesn’t like LOST or The Office!!!!?????

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