That’s Our Way! HEY HEY!

Some of you may be wondering what that picture is at the top of my page. 

I spent 7 years of my life at Castlemont School. 7 years. That’s the most I will ever spend at 1 school in my entire life. And in one moment, it was gone. The school where I learned the basics for everything. The school where I won a football championship. The school where I ended my baseball career. The school where I first acted (as Macduff in Macbeth). The school where I first sang. Gone.

I had seen alumni come back to visit, and walk the campus and see old teachers. But in one moment, I would never experience that.  All I can do is stand at the gates, or sit in the parking lot and gaze into the school I grew up in. The lawn is over-grown and weeded over. The “Castle” playground has been removed. The “Field Of Dreams” sign on the field still attached to a fence, still with the dents of 100 baseballs hitting it. If you look closely, you can still see the imprint of “Castlemont School” on the bricks outside the Auditorium where there was once a metal sign.
About a week after my graduation, due to foolish errors and careless spending, the director declared bankruptcy and Castlemont was closed forever. Teachers, TA’s, and other faculty and staff put out of work. Hundreds of students were left to find new schools. And the Class of 2002? We were left with a memory.
I plan on getting onto the school’s playground before I go to college. I plan on doing whatever it takes, even if it means jumping the fences that we once thought to be 1000 feet tall.
Its been 6 years since I graduated from Castlemont. 6 years since I played handball and four-square on the “black-top.” 6 years since I ran the track, hiked a football, and turned a double play on the “Field of Dreams.” I just want to one more time. 

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