In The Dark Abyss…

I do my best thinking at night. It is when I am most profound and have the most time to stop, reflect, and write. Like now for instance. Why am I up at 4:10am on the last day of winter vacation. Something is on my mind, but I’m just not sure what. I am wide awake and typing, and like Vladimir and Estragon in “Waiting For Godot,” I’m not sure why…..

This is my personal blog. I was about to edit the Off The Deep End blog ( when I click the link on the blogroll to Clayton’s blog. The idea then came to my mind, “Hey! You should start your own blog.” So here I am. At 4:13am. Sitting in my bed and listening to the rain come puring down outside.

I turn 18 in 19.5 hours…
I swear, my other posts will be more enlightening than this.

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